Card Safety

Cards are great for traveling and convenience, but unfortunately fraudsters have found ways to steal card data.  Here are some Card Safety Tips:

  • Report lost or stolen cards
    • It's very important to let us know immediately if your card has been lost or stolen. To report a lost or stolen card, please call us at (432) 262-1663, during normal business hours, or (800) 554-8969 after hours. You should also report your lost and stolen items to the police department.
  • Treat your card like cash
    • Always keep your card in a secure location. 
  • Guard your information
    • Do not give out your card or account information to any unsolicited emails, phone calls, text messages or requests. Fraudsters have found some tricky ways to persuade victims into giving out their card and account information. They pose as utility companies, computer service repair technicians, IRS employees, charity services, and the list goes on. Remember, if you didn't initiate the contact, you should be wary of sharing your financial information.  If you ever feel you have accidently given out your account information, contact us immediately.
  • Keep your PIN a secret
    • Your PIN (Personal Identification Number) should only be known by you, the cardholder.  Memorize your PIN and never share it with anyone.  Also avoid storing your PIN in your wallet or purse and avoid writing your PIN on the card.  You can change your PIN any time by calling: (800) 567-3451.
  • Review your transactions
    • Check your account statements thoroughly. Contact CNB if you find any discrepancies. You can also review your transaction more often using any of these CNB Services: 
      • Online Banking - Using your PC or Mobile Phone you can access our secure website to check your balances, make transfers, setup Bill Pay, eStatements or Mobile Banking. You can also setup account alerts to help notify you of any possible fraudulent activity.
      • Mobile Banking - CNB offers a Mobile Banking App for your smartphone to access your accounts. Checking transactions often can help identify possible fraudulent activity. By using the App, you can quickly and easily make sure your accounts are safe.
      • CardValet - CNB offers the CardValet App to our cardholders. By downloading the App and registering your card, you can turn your card "on" or "off" anytime, receive transaction alerts, set spending limits, restrict certain merchant categories, and even set geographical restrictions. We suggest that you register your card even if you don't plan to use CardValet often. This way if you temporarily misplace your card, you can simply turn it "off".
  • Stay safe when shopping online
    • When making purchases online with our card, make sure to end transactions by logging out of the website instead of just closing the web browser.
  • Use ATMs safely
    • Remain aware of your surroundings when using an ATM. If you suspect any suspicious activity or people, cancel your transaction, take your card, and come back another time or use an ATM at another location.
    • Inspect ATMs for any possible skimming or tampering devices that could capture your card data.
    • Refrain from displaying cash at the ATM and wait to count your cash until you are locked safely in your vehicle.
  • Keep up with fraud
    • Check the machine for card skimming devices. Skimming, one of the most known card fraud schemes, involves the use of a portable device that is temporarily attached to the original card scanner on any ATM or gas pump. As your card passes through the scanner, the information contained on the magnetic strip is captured by the skimming device. Later, when the criminal retrieves the device, they have captured all the information needed to fraudulently steal money from your account. They may even use secondary devices like cameras that record your keypad entries, or even high-tech overlays placed on the keypad to record your PIN number.
    • We use ENFACT as our debit card fraud detection service. To protect your account, CNB monitors your card transactions for potentially fraudulent activity and may contact you regarding any suspicious transactions. Make sure CNB has your latest contact information so we can contact you if we suspect fraudulent activity.
    • You can learn more about avoiding fraud and keeping your accounts secure by visiting CNB's Money University. We have many articles and videos available for your unique financial needs.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your debit card, please visit us at any branch location or call us at (432) 262-1600.

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